The Theme: "TB and Lung Health"

The theme reflects that tuberculosis; to a great extent is a lung disease; however it can’t be taken as a lung disease only. Precisely it means that once an individual possesses healthy lungs his/her vulnerability to tuberculosis is lessened to an extent. Putting in simple terms the theme “TB and Lung Health” can be understood as the key expression that incorporates all kinds of known/unknown TB cases from latent TB to XDR TB. Besides, it obviously extends itself to different causes of TB, its vulnerability among the patients with HIV/AIDS, diabetes and leprosy. Lung health signifies the health of the lungs, lung health hazards, efforts made for the promotion of lung health and on the top the geographical, economical and social diversities contributing to the severity of worsening lung health. Thus the theme surpasses all the causes, impacts, the victims and the solutions in this regard. The theme, therefore, should be understood as “Promoting Lung Health is a step ahead towards making the world TB free”

Abstract Submission Dates and Deadlines:

Opening of the Electronic Submission of Abstracts 20th Dec 2015 onwards
Late breakers submission of the Abstracts (Deadline): 1st April - 15th April 2016
Time for Notification of Approval of Abstracts 20th Dec 2015 - 25st April 2016 



The body of the abstract should contain the following sections (IN CAPITAL LETTERS).


The heading should include the title (in CAPITAL LETTERS), authors (last names and initials only) institutions, city, and country. Underline the name of the author who will present the study at the conference.


  • Abstracts will be accepted in English only.
  • Abstracts must be typed or printed within the box, maximum of 250 words, including the heading, maximum font size 10. Oral and Poster Presentations:
  • Abstracts may be submitted for poster presentation only, or for either poster or oral presentation.
  • Selected abstracts will be accepted for either oral presentation or posterpresentation.
  • At least one author of the study must attend the conference to present the work.

Scientific Session Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guidelines

An Oral presentation consists of 10 minutes following 5 minutes of discussion. We recommend 10 slides excluding the title and acknowledgement slides. Time keeper will give a warning ring in 9th minutes of presentation. So it’s better to wrap up the presentation soon after the warning bell.  We are very strict regarding the timing and will finally stop the presenter after 10th minutes even if s/he doesn’t finish the presentation.  

If possible, presenters are requested to send presentation on provided email address at least seven days ahead of commencement of conference. Beside this you are urged to produce soft copy of the presentation at the time of presentation. The PowerPoint should be named as SEAR with underscore sign followed by the first name of presenter of the abstract. For example Ram Bahadur Thapa as author and presenter of abstract selected for oral presentation is supposed to send the power-point under the name as SEAR_Ram. Any change to the presentation is restricted at the conference venue.

Poster presentation Guidelines

The title and authors appear on the poster. The size and font should be readable at least from 2 metres. Maximum size of the poster should be 130 cm vertical and 100 cm horizontal. Background of the poster should be gray or neutral color that are easier for eyes to view it. The presenters are not recommended to send the poster by email/ surface mail or other source to the secretariat of the conference. The posters will be displayed for presentation at between 16:30-17:25 pm of 27th May and will be removed before 17:30 pm of end day of conference. The presenters are not recommended to send the poster by email/ surface mail or other source to the secretariat of the conference. The presenter must produce the poster during the time of poster presentation. There is no specific outline for posters. For convenience, the outline of the poster is:

·         Title (with authors and affiliations)

·         Introduction / Objectives / Aims / Problem / Goal

·         Methods

·         Results

·         Conclusion

·         Acknowledgements

Commercial activities or any advertisement on the poster is restricted.

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